SK Design Group, INC. - Office 

SK Design Group, INC. - Office 


S-K Design Group, Inc was originally the Pittsfield Engineering Company established by John Carroll, circa 1930.  Subsequently, the firm was purchased by R.B. Deloye.  In 1979, James P. Scalise, P.E. in association with Peter P. Knysh, P.L.S., acquired the firm from Robert B. Deloye, renaming the company, Scalise-Knysh Associates, Inc. 

In 2000, James M. Scalise, II purchased the company from his father and established S-K Design Group, Inc.   Mr. Scalise operates as the Chief Professional Engineer and President.

S-K Design Group, Inc. (SKDG) is a full service civil engineering, surveying and consulting firm, specializing in land planning from preliminary site assessments to the final development of the project.  The firm is committed to a high standard of quality service combined with time efficiency to produce cost effective reports, plans and agency representation throughout the complex engineering process.

S-K Design Group, Inc. provides public and private sector clients with consulting services in the areas of civil engineering, surveying and environmental engineering.  SKDG maintains a technical engineering staff representing Civil Engineering, Design Drafting and Field Surveying Services.  Equipped with an in-house CAD System, SKDG relies on closely monitored timeframes to provide their clients with a finished product at a competitive price.  

The land planning services encompass a diverse range of engineering related disciplines, including: Environmental Assessments, Perimeter Survey, Wetland Delineation, Roadway and InfraStructure Design, Foundation/Structural Design and Residential and Industrial Development.

S-K Design Group, Inc. has obtained the necessary environmental permits and licenses and secured zoning and subdivision approvals for a vast range of projects.  The approvals and changes have been secured based on a close working relationship with the local Planning Boards, Zoning Boards of Appeal, City Councils and other agencies responsible for the regulation of waterways, wetlands, wildlife, waste water disposal and resource restoration.