welcome to sk design group, inc.

Developing a project today has become increasingly complex given the ever-changing economy, technological changes and environmental concerns.     

Experienced and dedicated leadership in a wide range of engineering disciplines has qualified SK Design Group as a valuable team member during the planning, design and construction process. The staff of professional engineers and land surveyors can provide comprehensive civil engineering services for both public and private sector projects. SK works closely with municipalities, developers and contractors to provide state-of-the-art engineering services.     

SK Design Group’s unique combination of engineering expertise, environmental awareness and aggressive leadership will make a major impact on the success of your project and positively affect your primary concern: A quality project delivered on time and within budget.


civil engineering

Time, cost, and quality control are the major objectives of every client and each civil engineering project requires special project management activities to meet these goals.


structural engineering

SK’s structural engineering capabilities encompass a full range of design services schematic studies to preparation of contract plans and specifications.


LAND surveying

Preliminary site planning and feasibility studies are critical elements of any project to assist in establishing a cost effective approach to site development.



SK’s expertise in applying proven and emerging technologies to solve environmental problems has been the foundation of our reputation for success.



SK Design Group's experts can assist in obtaining and managing many permits on the local, state, and federal levels.



Custom building designs from inception to occupancy. SK Design Group provides small and medium residential and commercial building design services in the Berkshire County area and beyond.